Arcadia Launch Plan

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3 min readFeb 27, 2023

The team at Arcadia has been heads down building what we think is THE missing DeFi lego block. We’re excited to announce we will be launching on Tuesday, March 7th, 2023 at 4pm UTC on Ethereum and Optimism.


  • Arcadia is a permisionless credit protocol launching on Ethereum and Optimism.
  • On Arcadia, borrowers can access up to 10x leverage to long/short tokens and deploy capital across other defi protocols permisionlessly.
  • Lenders provide capital and benefit from competitive yields compared to other lending protocols. They also get real yield by accruing a portion of Arcadia’s protocol liquidation fees as well as the ability to choose their own risk and payoff for providing liquidity.
  • Lenders can provide capital in the form of wETH and/or USDC at launch and earn a competitive APY for doing so.
  • Arcadia has been audited by Nethermind (Aave, Argent, ZKlend, and more) and Solidity finance. More audits and a bug bounty program coming soon.

Overview of the Launch Plan

Arcadia will be launching in 2 phases: One phase for LPs (Lenders) — starting March 7th. One phase for borrowers (leverage takers) — starting March 14th.

  • March 7th: we will open up our lending pools so only Lenders will be able to interact with the protocol.
  • March 7th to March 9th: only Degenscore Beacons + the core team will be able to provide liquidity in our pools.
  • March 9th to March 13th: only people that have signed up to our waitlist (aka the OGs) will be able to provide liquidity in our pools using the wallet address we whitelisted from their waitlist application.
  • At launch, we will have a total cap of $500,000 across all lending pools. Initially, wETH and USDC will be available for lending. Lending caps will gradually increase over the next several days.
  • Important to note is that during this process Lenders will NOT be subject to any capital lockups. You will be able to deposit and withdraw as desired.
  • After this process, we will begin to gradually open up our pools to the public.
  • March 14th: The second phase will begin. We will open up the borrow side of the protocol.
  • March 14th to March 15th: only Degenscore Beacons + core team will be able to borrow.
  • March 16th: people that signed up to our waitlist (aka the OGs) will have access to Arcadia’s borrow side.
  • After that date, we will begin to gradually open the borrow side to the public.


  • AMAs are scheduled for the days before and after our launch.
  • In the coming days after our launch, we’ll be introducing a wider range of more complex tokens. This will allow for even more trading opportunities and more ways to profit.
  • The launch of limit orders via Uniswap V3 LP tokens (we’ll do a dedicated post on this!) will come soon after our launch (March-April). This means you’ll be able to set specific prices at which you want to buy or sell, giving you more control over your trades.
  • We’ll be adding liquid staking tokens as collateral. This means you’ll be able to boost/earn even more rewards for staking your tokens, and you’ll be able to trade them just like any other token.
  • Our referral program will go live.
  • Once these are done, our vision is to build Arcadia into something more than only leverage trading. The current initial direction is to introduce leverage LPing, leverage farming, and cross-chain margining (aka users can deposit collateral on Mainnet, and use deposited collateral to open financial positions on an L2 without having to bridge assets).

We’re looking forward to bringing all these new developments to Arcadia. It’s going to be an exciting 2023.

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